Jozef Van Lerius

Jozef Van Lerius was a professor at the Antwerp Academy for many years. There he taught Alma-Tadema and many of the English and Irish students who studied abroad.

A student's account of Van Lerius' in-class criticism:

"`That is a charming bit of colour you have painted in that forehead,' he said to me on one occasion--`so delicate and refined. Do it again,' he added, as he took up my palette knife and scraped off the `delicate bit'.`Ah, you see, savez-vous, you can't do it again; you got it by fluke, some stray tints off your palette, savez-vous,'"

From Jeanne Sheehy's excellent article "The flight from South Kensington: British Artists at the Antwerp Academy 1877-1885"

*Photograph of Van Lerius' "Cinderella",  by Matt Tauber.


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